Maybe you're an expert on envelopes and printing and you don't need any help telling your wallet flaps from your banker flaps... but if you're not then this section is for you.

Here you'll find a listing of all the services we offer, details on all our envelope sizes and stocks, as well as a glossary of printing and envelope terminology. You'll find how to prepare your artwork for printing, and you can even download our PDF guide to the whole process.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, please feel free to get in touch and our friendly customer service people will answer any questions you may have.

PDF Guide

Here's handy guide to all the ins and outs of our envelopes. It has a full list of all our envelope dies, machine capabilities and envelope terms, so basically all the information you'll need to get started printing and/or manufacturing with us.

If you're after printing templates for any of our envelopes please email us at and we'll send them through to you.

Download Guide

Our Machines

Seed Pocket Machine

Seed envelopes, garment button envelopes
As the name suggests this machine only makes pocket envelopes
Lick & Stick sealing method
Stocks up to 150gsm


The shiny new machine
Envelopes from 76x127mm to 190x292mm
Lick & Stick or Peel & Seal
Window patcher
Stocks up to 130gsm

FL Smithe WRK

Our original 1961 work horse
Envelopes from 80x130mm to 162x229mm
Square from 105x105mm to 150x150mm
Lick and Stick sealing method
Stocks up to 139gsm

Die List

We have a ridiculously huge range of dies available, including a number of 'forme-cut' dies that are used for smaller runs and are not listed below. If you're after something that isn't listed, please feel free to ask:

100X165 Banker
100X228 Banker
102X152 Banker
110X220 Banker
110X220 Banker
110X220 Banker (39mm Flap)
114X225 Banker (39mm Flap)
120X235 Banker (39mm Flap)
130X184 Banker
157X203 Banker
95X120 Banker
162X230 Tear Open (25mm Flap)
100X210 Wallet (94mm Flap)
101X210 Wallet (34mm Flap)
105X210 Wallet (100mm Flap)
110X220 Wallet (49mm Flap)
110X225 Wallet (105mm Flap)
112X221 Wallet (106mm Flap)
115X225 Wallet (40mm Flap)
117X213 Wallet (30mm Flap - Bangtail)
118X213 Wallet (28mm Flap - Bangtail)
120X235 Wallet (30mm Flap)
120X235 Wallet (35mm Flap)
120X235 Wallet (43mm Flap)
120X235 Wallet (45mm Flap)
125X225 Wallet (120mm Flap)
128.5X180 Wallet (35mm Flap)
128X228 Wallet (42mm Flap)
128X238 Wallet (43mm Flap - Bangtail)
130X130 Wallet (37mm Flap)
150X150 Wallet (40mm Flap)
161X230 Wallet (39mm Flap)
162X229 Wallet (37mm Flap)
170X170 Wallet (40mm Flap)
178X254 Wallet (37mm Flap)
85X130 Wallet (36mm Flap)
90X145 Wallet (33mm Flap)
90X90 Wallet (21mm Flap)
93X165 Wallet (32mm Flap - Bangtail)
95X205 Wallet (90mm Flap)

Download Guide