About Us

The Peterkin Envelope Team

In 2003, after experiencing the expense, ridiculously long lead-time and general frustration of sending our stocks east to be made into envelopes for our paper and envelopes wholesale business, we purchased our first envelope machine from the USA... An FL Smithe 1961 WRK, (which stands for ‘Wide Range Kit’), along with our original HP Die press (used for die cutting the envelope blanks). We also had our unique range of envelope dies manufactured, including our signature ‘iflap’ styles. With the help of specialist training from the American experts who sold us and installed the machine, we began our envelope manufacturing journey.

Over the years we’ve made and supplied millions of beautiful envelopes on this machine and stock over 400 different sizes, styles and stocks on our warehouse floor, which are sold online through our sister company Peterkin – Premium Paper & Printery.

Although quite slow and a bit cantankerous at times, our WRK has a unique ability to feed a vast range of paper stocks and has served us well. But without the capability of peel & seal or windows, it really missed the mark for commercial envelope needs.

However, since 2011 when Australian Envelopes closed their WA operation, we’ve been the only company manufacturing envelopes in Western Australia.

In 2018, we heard of an envelope manufacturer ‘closing up shop’ in Melbourne which seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand our envelope business here in Perth.

We purchased a German made WD-327 which can manufacture envelopes at a speed of up to 300 per minute and has a window patching unit, which doubles as a peel & seal unit too.

We also purchased a seed pocket machine, a new die press and a whole bunch of dies which (for now) completes our envelope manufacturing lineup and allows us to service the growing market (with great thanks to the saturation of email and social media advertising) in Australian made custom envelopes.

Customer Reviews

"It's great news to finally have a local reliable envelope manufacturer back in WA. We’ve dealt with Peterkin for many years for all our specialty envelope needs and I believe we were one of the first to utilise their new manufacturing capabilities. Their friendly service and attention to detail never disappoints!"

Paul Meloncelli - Advance Press

"Hi team, I received this order today and LOVE it! Thank you very much! Everything has been printed so beautifully and I'm sure the customer is going to be obsessed with it. I just thought you should know I really appreciate your hard work. Cheers,Lava"

Lava Raman - Lava Stationery

"Thank you so much... I’m really happy with how beautifully made the envelopes are. They're outstanding quality."

Lisa Perhat - www.lisaperhat.com (Photographer)

Why Choose Peterkin Envelopes?


In a world where price has become buying factor number one, often quality loses out due to the need for bulk-buying.

If your priorities are a high quality product, in just the quantity you need and at a fair price, you’ve come to the right place.

Our experience in manufacturing envelopes for the (extremely fussy) invitation market means we’ve developed extremely high standards - and that’s all we need to say about that!


We’re hard working, family owned and run with incredible customer-led service.

There’s a reason our business is booming when others are closing their doors to overseas competition.


Our Customer Happiness Managers have one simple job…to keep you happy. We believe that comes from friendly, honest, open and speedy communication at all times. We love your feedback, so please let us know what else matters to you.


Between our long-standing team, we have oodles of experience. We’ll happily offer advice and suggestions to ensure you receive honest pricing and the best turnaround possible. We will ‘bend over backwards’ to help you. Just pick up the phone and ask…